When we first met with our clients, they had bare walls with so much potential. These guys were gone so often that putting the finishing touches on their apartment proved difficult. That's where we stepped in.  One of the first items we talked about was their accent wall. They had expressed a desire to put wallpaper up but since they didn't own their apartment and the labor involved with wallpaper removal can be tricky we decided to stencil their accent wall with a metallic Ralph Lauren paint. We sponged it on rather than using a roller to add more dimension to the wall.  

Our world traveling clients are also big art lovers and wanted custom art that could showcase some of their purchases from around the world. We built a wooden installation piece and stained it to match their decor. Custom fit shelves were attached to spotlight their favorite pieces.

After mounting their television and purchasing a unique components console at a thrift store, their accent wall was complete creating a one of a kind space that our clients were thrilled to come home to after exploring parts unknown.


We found this piece earlier this year because we were looking for a new home bar. While we love natural wood pieces, there was something about this piece that was begging for a little face lift.

We started by making our own chalk paint with a gorgeous vibrant blue by Ralph Lauren.

Then came time for the finishing touches. We purchased soft wax by Annie Sloan from our friends at  Verdigreen down in the East Village.

The Finished Product....

Here at Apartment CPR we take every chance possible to "Breathe new life into what you already own."


This client had purchased his new apartment and moved in over a year ago. He already had his space painted and decorated. Everything from a gallery wall of pictures over his sofa, to a gorgeous dining room table. The issue now was his place looked too cookie cutter. It was like walking into one of your favorite furniture store's window displays. Our task was to take this space and personalize it. 

While the dining room table he had was beautiful, it was too large for the space. In it's place we built a one of a kind table made from a salvaged industrial cable spool. We added feet to raise the table to the proper height and then finished it off with a large circular piece of custom cut glass.


Other pieces we created were..

Some rustic wooden shelves, hung by belts...

A one of a kind side table...  Check out this piece's transformation in our before and after section

What really brought the entire dining/ living space together was the perfect over dyed rug and some wonderful red barstools. Now this space no longer looks or feels like a floor display, but a cozy, personalized and rustic home.


This client had a situation that most New Yorkers can relate to. He had moved out of one apartment and was living in a sublet until he was able to get a space of his own. The sublet came fully furnished with a dark wood dresser and bed.  His goal was to achieve a light, beach feel while still using the preexisting furniture. 

Before and After

We softened the dark wood with light accents like a crisp, white duvet cover and white linen window treatments. A custom sewn burlap runner was put on top of the dresser to give it a lighter facelift.  A large, woven rug helped tie it all together and give the room a softer feel.

Moving furniture around and adding a beautiful wingback chair and ottoman created a separate seating area that wound up becoming our client's favorite part of the installation.

The crown jewel to the whole room was the custom built driftwood statement piece that we adorned with votives. 


Elena Ricardo (currently staring as Sophie in Mamma Mia on Broadway) moved into her own brand new apartment at the beginning of the year. We helped her create her dream living room from scratch. It was fun to have a blank canvas and fill it with multiple customized elements for her glamourous girly style. Apartment CPR was there from conception to finish. my, how can we resist ya?!


Finishing Touches


Today's clients needed their furniture updated for their big move from NYC to D.C.

 Our clients are moving to DC to start a new chapter in life and needed their furniture to match their new surroundings. We were more than excited to help them with this.