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Finding the PERFECT piece for your space can be challenging. We try to focus on the shape and function of each piece and envision the possibility in the final look. Sometimes the best solution is to FLIP IT! These are some of our favorite furniture flips to date. 

Big and Bold

This hutch went from formal to FUN with some cobalt blue chalk paint and Annie Sloan  wax. Click for more images.

This client needed a functional piece in her office that fit in with the rest of her decor. We spiced things up with an animal stencil in a pop of color as added interest.

A retro beach inspired vibe gave these Ikea pieces new life for a client moving to the West Coast. Click for more images.


Classic doesn't have to mean boring. Here are some beautiful pieces that add a touch of elegance. Click for more images.

Just because it's classic on the outside doesn't mean it can't have a touch of color on the inside. Click for more images.

This armoire was given a classic look to coincide with this client's zen bedroom. Additional molding and beautiful door pulls were added as a touch of interest. Click for more images.

This nursery set was refinished for a new baby girl. Pink and white beaded accents added a touch of whimsy to the bookshelf. Click for more images.


Aged is in! These pieces got updated with a beautiful but worn exterior. It can be fun to get an updated piece with the perfect loved look. They can also add a lot to a space that has a more eclectic feel. Click for more images.

Refurbishing is not limited to wood pieces. These metal stool were sanded to create a more lived in look. The mirror was hit with an acid solution for a more antiqued feel.

Another great way to create an eclectic look is to mix patterns. By keeping with similar color palates and metallics these pieces will go with the others around the home, while being fun statement pieces as well.


When the fabric is not just right or has been worn out, upholstery is the answer! Give your pieces new looks with your favorite fabric. Whether bold or neutral these pieces were updated to fit their new homes with the perfect textile. Click for more images.


 When our latest client came to us with her Hell's Kitchen apartment we came out guns blazing.  After her little brother moved out and got his own place, it was time to reclaim her domain and make it the modern regency style haven of her dreams.  She came to us with blank walls and very little furniture.  As usual, we started with paint.  She knew she loved bold, bright colors in pinks and purples but we wanted to give her a sophisticated, curated look not Barbie's dream house. The living space got a fresh coat of light gray that made her moulding pop. It was a nice neutral base that covered over the "contractor yellow". In such an angular space with lots of cut outs we decided to paint an accent wall helping delineate the entry way from the main living room.  Before we painted, a temporary wall was taken down to open up the space.  

Living Room

She loved the sloping lines of the camel back chesterfield we found and ordered in custom upholstery that went with her new color scheme.  Accent pillows in silk fuchsia, fur and metallics brought in the drama we were looking for without being too girly.  Dark, chainmail chandeliers were hung to add a sexy element that flanked the sofa perfectly.  The entryway became a focal point with a clear. lucite accent table and upholstered ottomans that created extra seating for entertaining. Black, laser cut shelves filled out an empty wall and became a mini library.



Photo Oct 29, 5 54 42 PM (1).jpg

Finishing Touches


In the kitchen, we went with a "less is more concept" painting a fresh blue gray color though out and mounting a living wall filled with ceramic planters and succulents.


The bedroom went from college dorm to 5 star hotel.  A magnificent, custom upholstered  headboard rounded out the bed.  Rich bedding from eggplant colored sheets to sheepskin pillows created an inviting sleeping space.  Paper lanterns brightened the room without cluttering the rose gold bedside tables and a bright purple chair with matching ottoman offered a cozy reading nook.

Finishing Touches



At Apartment CPR, having a personal and beautiful space of your own to come home to at the end of the day is our primary goal.  Our latest client was in dire need of that feeling. She had lived in her apartment already for 3 years and couldn't decide what direction she wanted to go with her space. We like to call her "Paralyzed by Possibilities". She has great taste and likes many different styles but can't quite figure out how to put everything together. That is where we stepped in.  After chatting during our consultation we decided to really go for it. Not shying away from color or pattern and mixing in old and new pieces.


The Entry Way


We re-purposed a secretary desk into a bar, also added a mirror, coat hook, and entry table. We chose some rich purple and gray damask fabric to reupholster what was once an ordinary white bench. To finish off the space we added some existing art from around the house.


The Living Room

This room had a lot of space to work with. First we started with a turquoise over dyed rug and hand painted a thrift store coffee table. Above the couch we placed a gallery wall but chose to hang the pictures from the picture molding. Using metallic chains at varying lengths not only saved us from putting a ton of holes in the wall but also helped add to the vibe of the room.  Blinds and curtains were added to elongate the ceilings and add privacy.  Our favorite area of the room would have to be the dining area. The chairs are as custom as custom can get. They were purchased as stained wooden frames with no seats. The frames were then painted a dark gray and then finished with dark furniture wax to add depth and texture. Once the frames were finished it was time to go find the fabric. We went with a flashy stripped velvet to really add a fun pop of color and texture. We vinegar stained the table to bring out the existing wood grain. The pendant lighting was a ceiling fixture that we turned into a plug in with a dimmer. The mirror was a reclaimed piece that we dry brushed with a bit of the gray paint and was then dismantled and distressed.  Last but not least in this room we chose to mount our clients guitars and banjo. Not only are beautiful to look at but getting them up off the floor was essential.

The Bedroom

And finally, the bedroom. Our client wanted cozy but sexy, well she got it. We went with a round, over dyed, distressed rug to round out the floor space. Everything is the room was very square and linear so we wanted to break that up a little bit. Next had moved the client's existing mirror to the entry way and found a gorgeous, leather embossed framed mirror.  Deep plum curtains were a great way to add length to the room and darken it for sleeping. Adding two tall side tables with matching glass lamps was a great way to fill out the room and frame the bed. Over the bed we hung our client's favorite Vargas girl prints and framed them in various sizes. Updating the duvet and throw pillows brought in more feminine textures and just for a fun, personalized touch, we added the "L" marquee light.

All in all "paralyzed by possibilities" was thrilled with her completed, customized oasis.