This client had purchased his new apartment and moved in over a year ago. He already had his space painted and decorated. Everything from a gallery wall of pictures over his sofa, to a gorgeous dining room table. The issue now was his place looked too cookie cutter. It was like walking into one of your favorite furniture store's window displays. Our task was to take this space and personalize it. 

While the dining room table he had was beautiful, it was too large for the space. In it's place we built a one of a kind table made from a salvaged industrial cable spool. We added feet to raise the table to the proper height and then finished it off with a large circular piece of custom cut glass.


Other pieces we created were..

Some rustic wooden shelves, hung by belts...

A one of a kind side table...  Check out this piece's transformation in our before and after section

What really brought the entire dining/ living space together was the perfect over dyed rug and some wonderful red barstools. Now this space no longer looks or feels like a floor display, but a cozy, personalized and rustic home.